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Audio from live gigs

Blaise Siwula, sax, cl | Leonid Galaganov, dr | taran singh, poetry @Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, 3 July 2017

ronan courty, bass | patrick charnois, sax | florian chaigne, dr | taran singh, poetry @live bar, nantes, 26 march 2017

Patrick Charnois, sax | Florian Chaigne, drums | Taran Singh, poetry @rouge mécanique, nantes, 15 déc 2016

anna kaluza, as | horst nonnenmacher, b | niklaus neuser, tpt | rui faustino, dr | taran singh, poetry
july 9, 2016@sowieso, berlin

Patrick Charnois, sax | Florian Chaigne, drums | Taran Singh, poetry @live bar, feb 28, 2016

Bad Bad Man (bass)
Bad Bad Man (bass & trombone)

Patrick Lauruol, bass/ Arnaud Barré, trombone 

Bad Man 
Six-Bits Worth of Ticket 
Don't Let Your Dog Curb You
Bad Luck Card

Evil (poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Pierrick Menuau, sax/ Simon Mary, bass/ Jean Chevalier, drums

Evil  (poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
Dude in a Sunny Mood (poem by Taran Singh)

Colin Webster, sax/ Shura Greeneberg, bass/ Ed Hiller, drums
***you'll have to turn up the volume to the max to hear these***


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As heard on drummer Florian Chaigne's CD, BLOOMING on AUT Records.


Thank you lord…thank you

 thank you thank you thank you thank you

thank you for everything


thank you for the sunshine

thank you for the red wine

thank you for the blue eyed blonds

with beauteous behinds


thank you for the flowers

thank you for the beautiful day

thank you for the bees

thank you for the birds chirping away


thank you for the fireplace

thank you for the wooden floor

thank you for the things

i never had before


thank you for the wonderful wife

thank you for the easy easy life

thank you for the HOT HOT HOT mistress

and her crazy little dress


 thank you for christmas

thank you for jack kerouac, henry miller,

langston hughes

thank you for the weary blues

thank you for all the good things

you bestow on this poor sinner


thank you for the love, sex, jazz

and joy galore

And dont you stop giving lord

Gimme more!


yeah dontcha EVER stop givin

cos i love the life i’m livin

Bigger, better, more than before

yeah, gimme more!