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Broadcast Schedule


L'Autre Radio, Chateaugontier
every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month, 21h00 Paris Time

Euradio 101.3 FM, Nantes
sunday, 21h00 Paris Time 
monday, 23h00 Paris Time

Campus FM 94.0, Toulouse
tuesday, midnight, Paris Time

Radio Campus Tours 99.5 FM, Tours
sunday, 21h30 Paris Time  


Soundart Radio 102.5 FM, Dartington and Totnes
friday, 23h, London Time (GMT+01:00)

UK-Europe Jazz Radio 24/7, Web
schedule coming up


Radio Panik 105.4 FM, Brussels
Tuesday, 15h-17h (GMT +02:00) 
except 1st tuesday of the month


WGXC 90.7FM, Greene & Columbia, NY
Friday, 01h00 (GMT-05:00)

Spectacular Radio
automatic rotation, no specific time

GMT (+00:00)


Jazz Poems by Taran Singh



i saw her today
she looked lovely
in every way

her lips on mine were
warm and loving
her hand in mine was
soft and warm

we kissed, cuddled
gazed nd conversed

i had a myriad stories to tell
i had a lot more to say
when she
spread her wings
and floated
out of my day 





i am a goldfish

i am a goldfish baby

i go round n round

i travel miles and miles


miles n miles

round and round

anywhere i go

in this bowl i’m found


night and day

i slog away

i burn the midnight oil

i turn and i toil

and experience the turmoil


i live in a pot

i ain’t so hot

there ain’t much i got


i am a gold fish

i am a gold fish baby

tied to this pot


i’m gonna live






Swim, Little Fish!

Swim swim swin

That’s all I do

All day long

I sing the goldfish song

There’s something wrong

There’s something wrong

One or the other I gotta do:

Jump out and die


Grow wings and fly




It's amazing

how people say they love you

make you part of their lives

take all kinds of risks

cheat, deceive and lie

to their husbands and wives

they say i love you and only you

they say i want you to love me too

they say i want you to be mine

only mine

they say your kisses

are like sunshine

they say you're the only one

who makes me come



out of the blue

one fine day

all the love goes away


they cut you out

they leave you in the lurch

crying on a street corner

sobbing in an empty church

they leave you without saying a thing

like you never meant nothing


they don't look back

to say a friendly goodbye

they're selfish, mean and cruel

and their love was a lie


i wish i could be positive

let go

and wish them well

instead, i m gonna curse them

curse them to die and burn in hell!




Dude in a Sunny Mood

I am the dude

in a sunny mood

I dig wine women

and food


I blow the blues

I jump on jazz

I got what they call

The razzmatazz


I often jive a gal

or two

just to keep

from feeling blue


My home’s where

I hang my hat

I keep rolling

to burn the fat


You’ll find me

In the neighbourhood

Where jazz is blowing

Loud and good!


Woke up this morning

Woke up this morning

Wanted to squeeze my baby’s ass

Woke up this morning

Wanted to squeeze my baby’s ass


My baby’s ass is full of sass

My baby’s ass is free jazz


Woke up this morning

Wanted to bite my baby’s lips

Woke up this morning

Wanted to bite my baby’s lips


I love to bite my baby’s lips

While she sits on me

And moves her curvaceous hips


Woke up this morning

Wanted to kiss my baby’s thighs

Woke up this morning

Wanted to kiss my baby’s thighs


I love to kiss my baby’s thighs

While she moans

And emits those sultry sighs


Woke up this morning

Wanted to ride my baby’s back

Woke up this morning

Wanted to ride my baby’s back


But my baby’s gone

She ain’t comin back

And I feel so lonesome

in the cold cold sack



yes yes yes

yes yes yes

I need your love

And you need mine

Cos the love we make

is divine


yes yes

it’s a fuckin mess

but I must confess

it makes us whole

body and soul!


Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday beautiful lover

thank god you were born

thank god we met

thank god we mated

thank god we loved laughed and debated

may this fire never go out

may our desire never be sated

may you live long strong

solid as a rock

may you lust forever

after my cock



Thank you lord…thank you

thank you thank you thank you thank you

thank you for everything


thank you for the sunshine

thank you for the red wine

thank you for the blue eyed blonds

with beauteous behinds


thank you for the flowers

thank you for the beautiful day

thank you for the bees

thank you for the birds chirping away


thank you for the fireplace

thank you for the wooden floor

thank you for the things

i never had before


thank you for the wonderful wife

thank you for the easy easy life

thank you for the HOT HOT HOT mistress

and her crazy little dress


 thank you for christmas

thank you for jack kerouac, henry miller,

langston hughes

thank you for the weary blues

thank you for all the good things

you bestow on this poor sinner


thank you for the love, sex, jazz

and joy galore

And dont you stop giving lord

Gimme more!


yeah dontcha EVER stop givin

cos i love the life i’m livin

Bigger, better, more than before

yeah, gimme more!