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L'Autre Radio, Chateaugontier
every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month, 21h00 Paris Time

Euradio 101.3 FM, Nantes
sunday, 21h00 Paris Time 
monday, 23h00 Paris Time

Campus FM 94.0, Toulouse
tuesday, midnight, Paris Time

Radio Campus Tours 99.5 FM, Tours
sunday, 21h30 Paris Time  


Soundart Radio 102.5 FM, Dartington and Totnes
friday, 23h, London Time (GMT+01:00)

UK-Europe Jazz Radio 24/7, Web
schedule coming up


Radio Panik 105.4 FM, Brussels
Tuesday, 15h-17h (GMT +02:00) 
except 1st tuesday of the month


WGXC 90.7FM, Greene & Columbia, NY
Friday, 01h00 (GMT-05:00)

Spectacular Radio
automatic rotation, no specific time

GMT (+00:00)

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Free Jazz@Home:watch videos of gigs in a secret parisian apartment 

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kasper tom
kasper tom 5: kt, dr/ jen m madsen, b/ petter hangsel, tbn/ t dabrowski, tp/ rudi mahall, bcl, cl 

super kasper: fusk- kt, dr/ p gropper, s/ andreas lang, b/ rudi mahall, bcl

plus: jesper zeuthen band

warrior horse: maria faust group

anna kaluza
kaluza quartet: a kaluza,sax/ christof thewes, tbn/ jan roder, b/ oliver steidle, dr 

hanam quintet: anna kaluza/ manuel miethe/ alison blunt/ niko meinhold/ horst nonnenmacher/ tristan honsinger

tribute to coltrane: paul dunmall, ts/ tony bianco, dr

rex, wrecks & xxx: evan parker, s/ matt shipp, p

not two
time stands still: satoko fujii ma-do

mirage: ellery eskelin, s/ susan alcorn, g/ micahel formanek, b

nourishments: mark dresser quintet

the whammies play steve lacy vol 2

window and doorway: g gregorio, cl/ s swell, tbn/ p karayorgis, p

jeff platz
differential equations: jeff platz/ kit demos/ fabio demos/ john mclellan



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