Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Taran in Podcast

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michel lambert 
ex-voto: maikotron unit-Pierre Côté, b, cello/ Michel Côté, b cl,, sax, maikotron/ Michel Lambert, dr, maikotron

mark alban lotz
istanbul improv sessions: Can Ömer Uygan (trumpet, analog effects), Alexandre Toisoul (clarinet), Florent Merlet (drums), Michael Hays (upright bass), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar, analog effects), Mark Alban Lotz (piccolo, c-, alto-, bass-, prepared flute)

aut records
tripterygion: luciano caruso, ss/ luigi vitale, vib

bootstrap paradox: Alberto Collodel – clarinetAlessio Faraon – trumpet Davide Lorenzon – tenor and alto saxophones
 Ivan Pilat – baritone saxophone, trumpet, voice Oreste Sabadin – clarinet

you can never please anybody: crisco3-francesco bigoni, ts, cl/ piero bittolo bon, as, a cl/ beppe scardino, bar s/ bcl

accretions | slumgum
Quardboard Flavored Fibre: Jon Armstrong (tenor sax, clarinet), Rory Cowal (piano, Rhodes), Dave Tranchina (bass, clothespins) and Trevor Anderies (drums)

frank carlberg
uncivilized ruminations: Frank Carlberg - Piano; Christine Correa - Voice; John O'Gallagher - Saxophone; Chris Cheek - Tenor Saxophone; John Hebert - Bass; Michael Sarin - Drums

unknown skies: rob brown, as/ craif taborn, p/ nasheet waits, dr

eliyahu: Avram Fefer - Alto Tenor Saxes Eric Revis - Bass Chad Taylor - Drums

scott amendola | Cryptogramophone
cry: Jenny Scheinman: violin; Nels Cline: guitar; Eric Crystal: saxophones; Todd Sickafoose: acoustic bass; Carla Bozulich: vocals (7); Scott Amendola: drums, percussion

border patrol: noel taylor, cl/ niko meinhold, p

Mathilde 253: Charles Hayward (drums, percussion and melodica) Han-earl Park (guitar) Ian Smith (trumpet and flugelhorn) plus Lol Coxhill (saxophone)

school days: STEVE LACY (soprano saxophone), ROSWELL RUDD (trombone), DENNIS CHARLES (drums) HENRY GRIMES (double bass)

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