Friday, March 26, 2010

13/2010 MP3 | POP-UP PLAYER


mark alban lotz
mostly harmless: Tijtze Vogel - bass/ Mark Lotz - flutes

red toucan
relevance: Dave Liebman: soprano & tenor saxes, indian bamboo flute/ Evan Parker: soprano & tenor saxes/ Tony Bianco: drums

drip audio | tommy babin
your body is your prison: BENZENE - Tommy Babin - bass, Chad Makela - Bari Sax, Chad MacQuarrie- Guitar, Skye Brooks - Drums
Creesus Crisis: NoMoreShapes - Jay Crocker on guitar & electronics/ J.C. Jones on trombone/ Eric Hamelin on drums & percussion

reciprocal uncles: gianni mimmo, ss: gianni lenoci, p
blastula: monica dumuru, vo/ christiano calcagnile, dr

GN54: Aporias Trio - Tatsuya Nakatani, drums and percussion/ Raymond MacDonald - sax/ Neil Davidson - guitar

floating point: gray code - Kevin Patton (guitar, electronics, TaurEx), Butch Rovan (alto clarinet, electronics, MiMICS, soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, xaphoon), and Frederick Kennedy (drumset, percussion)

cleanfeed | red trio
red trio: rodrigo pinheiro, p/ hernani faustino, b/ gabriel fernandini, dr, perc

marc edwards | weasel walter | ugexplode records
mysteries beneath the planet: Marc Edwards: drums; Weasel Walter: drums; Peter Evans: trumpet, melodica (1, 3); Darius Jones: alto saxophone (1, 3); Tom Blancarte: double-bass (1, 3); Paul Flaherty: tenor saxophone (1, 3); Andrew Barker: drums (2, 4); Ras Moshe: tenor saxophone, flute (2, 4); Mario Rechtern: sopranino, alto & baritone saxophones (2, 4)

porter records
live at the woodstock playhouse 1965: burton greene, p/ rashied ali, dr/ marion brown, as/ reggie johnson, b

rogue art
contact: roscoe mitchell, as, ss/ david wessel, elec

lj records
carve: lisa ullen, p, prepared p/ nina de heney, b

not two records | david arner
out/in the open: david arner, p/ mike bisio, b/ jay rosen, dr 

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