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L'Autre Radio, Chateaugontier
every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month, 21h00 Paris Time

Euradio 101.3 FM, Nantes
sunday, 21h00 Paris Time 
monday, 23h00 Paris Time

Campus FM 94.0, Toulouse
tuesday, midnight, Paris Time

Radio Campus Tours 99.5 FM, Tours
sunday, 21h30 Paris Time  


Soundart Radio 102.5 FM, Dartington and Totnes
friday, 23h, London Time (GMT+01:00)

UK-Europe Jazz Radio 24/7, Web
schedule coming up


Radio Panik 105.4 FM, Brussels
Tuesday, 15h-17h (GMT +02:00) 
except 1st tuesday of the month


WGXC 90.7FM, Greene & Columbia, NY
Friday, 01h00 (GMT-05:00)

Spectacular Radio
automatic rotation, no specific time

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Free Jazz@Home:watch videos of gigs in a secret parisian apartment 

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03/2012 MP3 | POP-UP PLAYER

mingus!: hinrich beermann, daniel erdmann vladimir karparov, juergen kupke, joachim litty, heiner reinhardt, volker schlott, michael thieke, gebhard ullmann, benjamin weidekamp (saxes, clarinets, altoclarinet, bassclarinets) hans hassler (accordion) 

the film music of nino rota: icompani

moves between clouds: Waclaw Zimpel, clarinet, bass clarinet, tarogato, percussion/ Bobby Few, piano, percussion/ Mark Tokar, bass, percussion/ Klaus Kugel, drums, percussion/ perry robinson, cl

talking cows
almost human: Yonga Sun Drums · Frans Vermeerssen Tenor Saxophone · Robert Jan Vermeulen Piano · Dion Nijland Double Bass 

roguart records
numbers: Roscoe Mitchell, composition, alto saxophone with see linup

velvet songs: Ernest Dawkins: soprano, alto & tenor saxophones Harrison Bankhead: double bass, cello Hamid Drake: drums, frame drum

solar dynasty
one day of brahma: Clarinet – Mark Brumwell Electric Bass – Joseph Burke Tenor Saxophone – Micah O'Malley Percussion – Bob Hubbard

Live at The Stone: Connie Crothers, piano Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone Roger Mancuso, drums Ken Filano, bass Mark Weber, poems

one hundred years of abstraction: chris pugh, g/ jack gold molina, dr

from emptiness: Ken Silverman, guitar, oud, hand percussion; Roy Campbell, trumpet; flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, flute; Kossan, chanting, sanshin; Blaise Siwula: alto saxophone, clarinet; Tom Shad, Turkish cumbus; Dave Miller, drums; Tom Swafford, violin 

once upon a time in argentina-walter thiersmemorial saxophone quartet:pablo ledesma, ss/ sergio paolucci, as/ daniel harari, ts/ george haslam, bass sax

can you hear me?: joelle léandre tentet



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