Saturday, January 7, 2017


in cahoots: Ned Rothenberg  clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, shakuhachi | Mark Feldman  violin | Sylvie Courvoisier  piano

seven pieces: Evan Parker  tenor and soprano saxophones | Daunik Lazro  alto and baritone saxophones | Joe mcPhee  alto and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet and pocket trumpet 

the chicago plan: Steve Swell  trombone | Gebhard Ullmann  tenor saxophone and bass clarinet | Fred Lonberg-Holm  cello and electronics | Michael Zerang  drums

gerry hemingway
the long road: g hemingway, dr/ mark helias, b/ ray anderson, tbn/ guests: jason moran, p/ joe lovano, ts

invisible cities: eloisa manera ensemble

paradigm shift: Francesco Chiapperini: compositions, bass and soprano clarinet Simone Lobina: electric guitar, effects Simone Quatrana: piano and electric piano

sugarfree jazz
sugarfreejazz: Ben Lincoln:  Saxophones and Clarinets Lisa Rhoades:  Saxophones and Clarinets Bruce Moon:  Guitar, Percussion, and Effects Robert Geistwhite:  Upright Bass and Percussion

neither nor
earth tongues: joe moffett, tp, cassette player/ dan peck, tuba, cassette player/ carlo costa, perc

raoul van der weide
moonlight night call: ada rave, as, ts, cl, vo/ nicola chientaroli, p, vo/ raoul van der weide, b, crackle box, vo

earcinema: raoul van der weide, b, crackle box/ gancalo almeida, b

brian groder
r train on the d line: b groder, tp/ mike bisio, b/ jay rosen, dr

wally shoup
chemical language: wally shoup, as: bill horist, el g/ paul kikuchi, dr, perc 

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