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Broadcast Schedule


L'Autre Radio, Chateaugontier
every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month, 21h00 Paris Time

Euradio 101.3 FM, Nantes
sunday, 21h00 Paris Time 
monday, 23h00 Paris Time

Campus FM 94.0, Toulouse
tuesday, midnight, Paris Time

Radio Campus Tours 99.5 FM, Tours
sunday, 21h30 Paris Time  


Soundart Radio 102.5 FM, Dartington and Totnes
friday, 23h, London Time (GMT+01:00)

UK-Europe Jazz Radio 24/7, Web
schedule coming up


Radio Panik 105.4 FM, Brussels
Tuesday, 15h-17h (GMT +02:00) 
except 1st tuesday of the month


WGXC 90.7FM, Greene & Columbia, NY
Friday, 01h00 (GMT-05:00)

Spectacular Radio
automatic rotation, no specific time

GMT (+00:00)



march 26, jazz poetry @live bar, nantes

march 26, 2017, 19h @live bar, 6 rue de strassbourg, 44000 nnates

Fiery free jazz with poetry of life, love, heartbreak and all that jazz.

Patrick Charnois, sax
Florian Chaigne, drums
Taran Singh, spoken word, poetry
Ronan Courty, doublebass



Blues Poetry+Improvised Music, feb 16, 2013

Blues Poetry+Improvised Music
sat feb 16, 20h30 @t'es rock coco, angers


taran singh, blues, poetry, prose
patrick lauruol, doublebass
michel saulnier, doublebass
yves orillon, sax, percussion 

blues songs will be performed as poems, also poems by Langston hughes and prose by taran singh


Spoken Word+Musique Improvisée @t'es rock, 30 mai 2012, 21h, GRATUIT

Taran Singh, spoken word
Simon Batardière, sax alto
Jérome Leclair, soundscape
Patrick Lauruol, contrebasse

Spoken Word+Musique Improvisée @T'es Rock Coco, Angers
le 30 mai 2012, 21h, GRATUIT

painting by Ashish Kumar


Jazz Poetry Improv, April 10 @Servant Jazz Quarters, London 

Taran Singh teams up with some of the finest improvisers on the London scene for an evening of Beat & Black poetry and free jazz:

Colin Webster, saxophones
Noel Taylor, clarinets
Taran Singh, poetry
Ollie Brice, doublebass 
Pharoah Russell, drums

Tuesday the 10th of April 8pm till 10.30pm, door: £5

Servant Jazz Quarters | 10a BRADBURY STREET | DALSTON | N16 8JN

band webpage:

venue website:

sound samples from previous gigs: sound samples on myspace

Jazz Poetry Improv Ensemble brings together performance poetry and free jazz. Taran Singh performs poetry by the Beat Generation poets, black poets and original poems, set to improvised music. The poems are fun and the music runs the gamut from blues to jazz to funk to free jazz. Poetry in FRENCH, ENGLISH & HINDI.

 (@SJQ, July 2011)



Jazz Poetry Improv, London, Jul 24 / Oxford, Jul 26

next gig: april 10, SJQ London, click for details and line-up.

Colin Webster, tenor sax 
Shura Greenberg, doublebass 
Ed Hiller, drums
Taran Singh, poetry

LONDON: Sunday the 24th of July 7pm till 10.30pm, door: £3
Servant Jazz Quarters | 10a BRADBURY STREET | DALSTON | N16 8JN | website
Two minutes walk from Dalston Kingsland and Dalston Junction London Overground stations. 
The following buses stop nearby: 30, 38, 56, 67, 76, 149, 236, 242, 277, N38, N76

OXFORD: Tuesday the 26th of July 7:30pm, door: £5
The Cellar | FREWIN COURT | Oxford | OXF, UK OX13HZ | Map
a full fun-packed exciting evening. a night of poetry, music and visuals. Oxford poets and LPS AV artists covering '30s - '50s jazz poets. full info here   On the bill: Taran Singh | Tamara and the Martyrs | Caroline Bird | Adam Pelling-Deeves

Jazz Poetry Improv Ensemble brings together performance poetry and free jazz. Taran Singh performs poetry by the Beat Generation poets, black poets and original poems. The musicians improvise around the voice to create the sonic atmosphere that the context and the tone of the poems call for. Each performance is unique, cos entirely improvised in the moment. The poems are fun and the music runs the gamut from blues to jazz to funk to free jazz.


Poetry & Music, June 30, t'es rock coco, Angers

Yves Orillon saxophones Arnaud Barré trombone Patrick Lauruol double bass Taran Singh poetry, whistles, blues harp  

june 30, 2011@t'es rock coco, 16 rue beaurepaire, 49000 Angers, 20h, FREE entry  


Poetry & Music, mai 20, le comptoir des livres, Angers

Yves Orillon saxophones Arnaud Barré trombone Patrick Lauruol double bass Taran Singh poetry, whistles, blues harp  

life is fine, fine as wine, life is fine!
taran singh reads/performs beat poetry, black poetry, original poetry, funny poetry and the musicians weave a web of sound around the voice.

mai 20, 2011@le comptoir des livres, 15 rue st maurille, 49000 Angers, 19h, it's free  le comptoir des livres on facebook


Poetry & Music, April 13, le Cercle Rouge, Angers

i’m a bad bad man everybody tells me so
more pics here
Yves Orillon saxophones
Arnaud Barré trombone
Patrick Lauruol double bass
Taran Singh poetry, whistles, blues harp  


Poetry & Music Evening, March 30, Art's Café, Angers

i’m a bad bad man
everybody tells me so




Yves Orillon saxophones
Arnaud Barré
Patrick Lauruol double bass
Taran Singh   poetry, whistles, blues harp

(the picture is from a gig in nantes, different band)

mercredi 30 mars 2011, 20h30
Art’s Café, 66 rue Baudrière 49100 ANGERS

free & open to the public


Ig Henneman Sextet 'Kindred Spirits' Tour in Dec & CD box set release


ig henneman website

Ig Henneman Sextet December Tour: 2/12 - 19/12
Ig Henneman, composer/bandleader, celebrates her 25th anniversary and her 65th birthday in December 2010 with her new band. 

Ig Henneman Sextet
Ab Baars (NL) - tenorsax/clarinet/shakuhachi,
Axel Dörner (DE) - trumpet,  
Lori Freedman (CA) - bass clarinet/clarinet, 
Ig Henneman (NL) - viola and compositions,
Wilbert de Joode (NL) - bass,
Marilyn Lerner (CA) - piano 

Tour Europe
2/12 – 19/12   
Ig Henneman Sextet
30/11 Amsterdam (NL) zaal 100 Ig Henneman & kindred spririts
2/12 Liverpool (UK) Bluecoat-Frakture Ig Henneman Sextet
3/12 Newcastle (UK) Gateshead Old Town Hall Ig Henneman Sextet
4/12 London (UK) OTO 20.00 Ig Henneman Sextet
5/12 London (UK) OTO 20.00 Ig Henneman Sextet
7/12 Wels (A) Schlachthof Ig Henneman Sextet
8/12 München (DE) Unterfahrt Ig Henneman Sextet
9/12 Prague (CZ) Kastan Ig Henneman Sextet
10/12 Berlijn (DE) Aufsturz 21:00 Ig Henneman Sextet
11/12 Cologne (DE) Loft Ig Henneman Sextet
12/12 Haarlem (NL) Club Phil 16.00 Ig Henneman Sextet & Guus Janssen
14/12 Groningen (NL) Grand Theatre Groningen Ig Henneman Sextet
15/12 Maasmechelen (B) Schouwburg Ig Henneman Sextet
16/12 Nijmegen (NL) De Lindenberg Ig Henneman Sextet
17/12 Rijkevorsel (B) De Singer Ig Henneman Sextet
18/12 Leiden (NL) Hot House Ig Henneman Sextet
19/12 Amsterdam (NL) Bimhuis 16.00 Carte Blanche Ig Henneman


Also available is a CD-BOX:

 ‘Ig Henneman Collected 1985-2010’


-in Grassetto- Wig 01 (1991)


-Repeat that, repeat- Wig 03 (1995)


and Godelieve Schrama harp

-Strepen- Wig 10 (2005)


-Strepen- DVD music and image in concert Wig 10 (2005)


-Stof- Wig 13 (2006)


-Galina U - Henneman compilation (2002-2006)

including booklet ‘Ig Henneman 65’, with photos, and comments on her work by Mischa Andriessen and Anne La Berge

cover design by artist and brother Jeroen Henneman
available in December 2010 at


16 mars 10 : Free Jazz chez Patrick LAURUOL, Faye d'Anjou

THE AMES ROOM ( free jazz franco-australien)

Jean-Luc GUIONNET : saxophone
Clayton THOMAS : contrebasse
Will GUTHRIE : batterie

Free ! Ce trio prolonge l’aventure du free jazz avec jubilation et l’énergie d’un groupe de rock garage : batterie surexcitée, contrebasse galopante et obstinée, saxophone entre cris et chuchotements. Ces trois musiciens partagent le goût des aventures musicales (free jazz, musiques improvisées, expérimentales ou électroniques) au sein de leurs très nombreux projets respectifs.

Day & Time/ quand:
March 16, 2010, 20h00

Venue/ où:
chez Patrick LAURUOL

2 rue de l'abbaye, Faye d'Anjou, 49380 Faye d'Anjou
Reservations :0241544014 ;

paf : 8 Euros

Sounds/ sons/ écoutez the Ames Room:

Plan d'acces:

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2009 cds i immensely enjoyed

non-exhaustive list

  1. people band 69/70 - emanem
  2. evan parker sax solos - psi
  3. gone - slam
  4. from café oto - loosetorque
  5. forgiving july - amirani
  6. colored houses - soldisk
  7. sliptong - wig
  8. groder greene - latham
  9. trespass trio - cleanfeed
  10. bendowa - cleanfeed
  11. two kinds of art thieves - cleanfeed
  12. monk dreams - no business
  13. the matt ritvo group - matt ritvo
  14. vaarat vastukset - black motor
  15. reason sound, sound reason - entropy
  16. kuntu - roguart
  17. dave stone solo - freedonia
  18. autonomous blast - freedonia
  19. materiale umano - leo
  20. mind games - leo
  21. profound sound trio - porter records
  22. motion trio - european echoes
  23. dissonance makes the heart grow fonder - dom minasi
  24. cerberus - circumvention
  25. you can sleep when you're dead - edgetone
  26. the spitit moves us - edgetone
  27. jazz on the line quartet, filmtrax - edgetone



Samedi 28 Nov 09, dès 16h, Musiques Improvisées à Faye d'Anjou

Contrebassiste patrick Lauruol organise pour la deuxième fois une longue soirée de musiques improvisées dans son demeure, une grange de 13ème siècle dans le charmant village de Faye d'Anjou, 30 km d'Angers!

Fabrice FAVRIOU (perc) Claire BERGERAULT (accordéon) Christophe LANGLAIS (guit) Patrick LAURUOL (cb) Tony BAKER (clav) Yves ORILLON (sax) Michel SAULNIER (contrebasse) Jérôme PARESSANT (clarinets) Léonore MERVEILLE et CATHERINE (danse) Francis JAUVAIN (sax) Richard ZENOU (contrebasse) ...

SAMEDI 28 NOVEMBRE 2009 dès 16h
2 rue de l’ABBAYE 49380 Faye D’Anjou plan d'accès
PAF : 5€
Réservations : 02 41 54 40 14 /


Larry Ochs in Tours & Poitiers, Fr_dec 2009

december 4: larry ochs sax & drumming core, le carré bleu, poitiers
december 6: larry ochs sax & drumming core, le petit faucheux, tours


week-end du 25 et 26 juillet 2009: RENCONTRES IMPROVISÉES DU PRIEURÉ !

Le week-end du 25 et 26 juillet 2009, participez à la première édition des RENCONTRES IMPROVISÉES DU PRIEURÉ ! Musique et bons vins seront au rendez-vous...

Joëlle Léandre, Géraldine Keller, Daunik Lazro, Didier Lasserre, Benjamin Duboc, Sylvain Guérineau, Rasul Siddik improviseront dans un cadre d'exception : le Prieuré de Saint Sulpice.

Concerts le samedi 25 Juillet à 16h et à 20h et le dimanche 26 à partir de 14 h.
(Hébergement possible à Dangé Saint Romain, Descartes, Chatellerault... nombreux hôtels, gîtes, chambres d'hôtes, camping... voir le site :

PAF : 20 euros
Merci de diffuser l'invitation à tous ceux qui pourraient être intéressés par cet événement.


PS : Saint Sulpice est accessible en train de Paris (Gare de Chatellerault ou Dangé Saint Romain) et est à 3h de Paris en voiture.