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The Rick Jensen Quartet - The Mosaicist (November 6, 2008)

Rick Jensen: Tenor Sax/Alto Clarinet
Phil Somervell: Piano
Colin Somervell: Bass
Paul May: Drums/Percussion

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The Mosaicist 84 MB

Recorded live at The Vortex, London U.K. by Helen Petts 15/6/08
Thanks to John Russell for the gig and Helen for recording it.

The Rick Jensen Trio was started in 1999, We are an improvising group, all of our music is spontaneous, making every performance completely unique. Many different musicians have played with the band, some only once and others have stuck around for a couple of years. Originally formed in Wellington, New Zealand, we are now based London and there are various musicians who come and go from the group, the line-up can change with each performance.The group isn't always a trio but thats usually what it works out to be. We've experimented with all kinds of combinations and instrumentation, often dictated by who was around and able to perform.The group has been as large as 6 and as small as 2. We are essentially a live band and perform as often as possible. We have 17 releases most of which were released in limited edition CDRs which are no longer in print, currently available is "A Fundamental Problem" and "Shuddering Indifference" (available for free download from "High Tension" a limited CDR and 4 older releases are still available for download from Postmoderncore records. Rick is also a member of I-C-E an improvising clarinet ensemble, Nova Scotia a free form abstract trio and founded The Radioactive Ensemble an international music/art collective. He also performs in other collaborative projects. He is a photographer and has had over 20 exhibitions in NZ and the U.K. and is currently working on publishing his first book.

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The Rick Jensen trio-city of confusion [pmc047] (2004)

Recorded live at the Newtown community centre in Wellington NZ. With Rick playing alto sax and clarinet, Sam Stephens playing piano, and Richard Whyte playing cello.

The Rick Jensen trio is about moving as one, energy and freedom. It's three people (or however many, but I prefer the trio form) who work as a unit, and for the pure love of this music. This band has become the most regular musical concern of mine and has grown in ways I never expected."

For more information about about rick jensen or to purchase this album visit the album home page at postmoderncore.


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the sky iceberg 7.77 MB
the demented archdeacon 8.02 MB
the pointless doorway 6.38 MB
the biter bit 12 MB