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A - Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson

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A 34 MB

Recorded live at the Newtown Community Centre in Wellington NZ on the 7th of August 2004. Recorded the same evening as the Rick Jensen Trio release the excursionist. Jeff plays baritone sax. Jeff spends most of this performance in a continuous drone of overtone manipulation and investigation of the space he is in, with flurries of notes sneaking in later on. A subtle work that rewards listening.

Jeff Henderson is an integral part of the New Zealand improvised music scene. He is one of the true master saxophonists (and a dab hand at other instruments). Jeff has founded venues that cater for specialist, obscure, and avant-garde performance; firstly the Space, and when that closed, Happy. Jeff and his venues have been responsible for fostering Wellington underground music and bringing many amazing musicians into the country. Jeff has played with Marilyn Crispell, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, William Parker and other giants over the years. He is been a part of numerous groups in Wellington, including Stroma, the Melancholy Babes and the Ortiz Funeral Directors. He is currently performing with The Dodecahedrons and The Metabolists. Apparently the Dodecahedrons soon have a CD appearing. Jeff's work with with the Birchville Cat Motel deserves special mention. Jeff is also a fascinating solo improvisor, and I'm immensely pleased to present the first two Jeff Henderson solo albums for your listening. For more information about  jeff henderson or to purchase this album visit the album home page at postmoderncore.

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