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Im Free

Excerpt from an Impromptu session after a canceled gig on 1-22-10
Marc Smason - Trombone..... Ken Strong - Upright Bass
Diane - Flute
Greg Vinson -My old beat up acoustic guitar
David Minor - Sax, Keys anything else he could find

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ImFree.mp3 12 MB 7.35 MB


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Robert Walter's 20th Congress 

Robert Walter's 20th Congress w/ Karl Denson

RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d1t05.flac 42 MB  
7.31 MB  
11 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d1t06.flac 40 MB 6.35 MB 9.02 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d1t07.flac 23 MB 3.44 MB 5.21 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d2t01.flac 54 MB 8.58 MB 13 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d2t02.flac 32 MB 4.73 MB 7.30 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d2t03.flac 49 MB 8.37 MB 13 MB
RWalter20thCongressKDenson2009-04-29d2t04.flac 16 MB 2.33 MB 3.75 MB

Disc One:
01. (fades in)
05. ? (Eddie Harris)

Disc Two:
04. Fever (Pazant Brothers)
05. (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away (Dr. John)

Disc Three:
02. Soulful (The Apostle)
03. Aquafresh
04. Back In Black (AC/DC)

Robert Walter - keys
Karl Denson - sax
Cheme Gastelum - alto sax & flute
Chris Stillwell - bass
Aaron Redfield - drums
Chuck Prada - percussion

This audio is part of the collection: Open Source Audio


Dred Scott Trio

Dred Scott Trio Live at Rockwood Music Hall on 2009-09-01 (September 1, 2009)

Audio Files Stream 24bit Flac Ogg Vorbis VBR MP3
? 126 MB             8.99 MB            17 MB
The Wizard 25 MB 1.79 MB 3.48 MB
Three legged dance * 157 MB 11 MB 21 MB
Drowning (M Blake tune) * 89 MB 6.12 MB 12 MB
Sac a Who? (not sure of title) * 137 MB 9.67 MB 18 MB
? * 139 MB 10 MB 19 MB
Moon Indigo ** 55 MB 4.03 MB 7.98 MB
? ** 90 MB 6.40 MB 12 MB
Breathe *** 82 MB 6.30 MB 12 MB
? * 101 MB 7.36 MB 14 MB

2.The Wizard
3.Three legged dance *
4.Drowning (M Blake tune) *
5.Sac a Who? (not sure of title) *
6. *
7.Moon Indigo **
8. **
9.Breathe ***
10. *

* W/ Micheal Blake on sax
** w/ Sasha Dobson vocals
*** Greg on drums


Len Quartet

Dedication to "Sh"

This project arose spontaneously in the summer of 2007 on the celebration of anniversary of St.-Petersburg cultural center "Pushkinskaya, 10". This quartet is in fact a double duet of two young saxophonists Ilia Belorukov and Maxim Pozin and two inveterate avantgardists Vlad Makarov and Dmitriy Kakhovskiy, both playing cellos. The sound turned out to be incredibly deep and the texture is solid because of the diffusion of the winds and the strings. Just like a nightmare of Dmitriy Shostakovich! The music takes you away to the world of endless "sssss", schoenberg, shostakovich, schnittke, stockhausen, just to the capital "Sh" like a metaphor of New music. In this "Sh" the tradition meets innovation.

The title "Leningrad quartet" isn't accidental. In olden days a quartet like this couldn't exist, but it was wanted. In order of that this paradoxical title appeared invented by Leningrad resident Kakhovskiy.

Talking about this music would be just like dancing about architecture and so it could be said: stentorian bells of baritone saxophones are getting tied from doubled, infinitely multiplied cello fiddlesticks

Dmitriy Kakhovskiy - cello
Vladislav Makarov - cello
Ilia Belorukov - alto & baritone saxophones, fluteophone
Maxim Pozin - alto & prepared alto saxophones, clarinet, pocket organ

Audio Files Stream   Flac Ogg Vorbis WAVE 64Kbps MP3 VBR MP3
DK,VM 3.90 MB      744 KB 9.17 MB     427 KB            1.39 MB
DK,VM,IB 14 MB 2.25 MB 28 MB 1.26 MB 4.77 MB
DK,VM,IB 32 MB 5.74 MB 72 MB 3.27 MB 12 MB
DK,VM,IB 12 MB 2.13 MB 26 MB 1.17 MB 4.31 MB
DK,IB 18 MB 3.27 MB 41 MB 1.87 MB 6.12 MB
VM,MP 15 MB 2.95 MB 37 MB 1.69 MB 5.74 MB
DK,VM 14 MB 2.86 MB 35 MB 1.61 MB 5.17 MB
VM,IB 13 MB 2.53 MB 33 MB 1.49 MB 4.91 MB
DK,VM,IB,MP 52 MB 10 MB 127 MB 5.76 MB 19 MB
DK,VM,IB,MP 34 MB 5.81 MB 71 MB 3.24 MB 13 MB
BK,VM + VM,IB 25 MB 4.77 MB 57 MB 2.61 MB 8.97 MB
DK,VM,IB,MP 12 MB 2.33 MB 28 MB 1.26 MB 4.53 MB
DK,VM,IB,MP 1.28 MB 254 KB 3.04 MB 142 KB 444 KB

Recorded at 703 Gallery on 1 July 2007
Mixed & Mastered by Dmitriy Kakhovskiy

Photos by Savva Bogatyrev, Cover Art by Ilia Belorukov

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Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0


The Defenestration Unit

Live Free Jazz from Houston, Tx. 
The Defenestration Unit recorded live at Super Happy Fun Land on Mar. 27th, 2005.
Psychedelic Free-Jazz 
Charlie Naked, Mike Switzer, Joe Folladori, Ryan Goodland, Tom Zermeno, and Kirk Suddreath

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60 MB 59 MB 30 MB

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Xnextcoretetex Tst . . . Tst . . .

Recorded in Portland, OR 1997. Ryan Biesack (drums, alto saxophone), Jesse Sheehan (tenor & alto saxophone), Daniel Eaton (trombone), Jon Davis (acoustic & fretless electric bass).

Audio Files Stream VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
Afro Blue 7.59 MB        3.43 MB
Forau.mp3 6.57 MB 2.86 MB
Ice Cream For James 7.32 MB 3.38 MB
Now and Later(More or Less) 21 MB 9.40 MB
Pi.mp3 9.02 MB 3.99 MB


This audio is part of the collection: Human Sound Recordings
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States


Wayne Horvitz Live at Sounds Outside 2007 - Cal Anderson Park on 2007-08-04 (August 4, 2007)

Wayne Horvitz - Keyboards
Briggan Krauss - Alto Sax
Dylan van der Schyff - Drums

Audio Files Flac Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3 VBR MP3
2:01) Plea For Cash 78 MB 13 MB 7.87 MB 23 MB
TrioKVH2007-08-04.t02.flac 100 MB 15 MB 8.71 MB 26 MB
Plea For Cash 4.88 MB 1.49 MB 951 KB 2.54 MB
TrioKVH2007-08-04.t04.flac 78 MB 13 MB 7.88 MB 23 MB

Garage A Trois Live at Big Meadow Stage on 2006-07-01 (July 1, 2006)

The Band: 
Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar 
Stanton Moore - drums 
Mike Dillon - percussion 
Skerik - sax 

Audio Files Flac Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3 VBR MP3
gat2006-07-01t01.flac 28 MB 4.91 MB 2.80 MB 9.55 MB
gat2006-07-01t02.flac 36 MB 5.20 MB 3.00 MB 10 MB
gat2006-07-01t03.flac 60 MB 9.49 MB 5.41 MB 17 MB
gat2006-07-01t04.flac 58 MB 9.03 MB 5.32 MB 18 MB
gat2006-07-01t05.flac 27 MB 4.56 MB 2.57 MB 8.42 MB
gat2006-07-01t06.flac 35 MB 5.97 MB 3.46 MB 11 MB
gat2006-07-01t07.flac 57 MB 8.64 MB 4.95 MB 16 MB
sweet leaf 40 MB 5.47 MB 3.18 MB 11 MB
percussion 21 MB 3.58 MB 2.04 MB 6.69 MB

Trio Antimanierista - Geometria del amor (ca215) February 5, 2009

In this ocassion Trío Antimanierista presents a new stuff recorded in 2008. This record includes various examples near to conventional styles like “free jazz”, “acid” and “childsongs”; but this is only an excuse to introduce an more extrange and amazing travel (crossing styles) around the centre of musical creation; trying to catch the message from “chaotic-but-connected” musical creation… This is a manner to traduce the geometric chaos in a more human language.
LOVE is a travel drawing several lines in the map, and this lines conform an special geometry crossing any compulsory places. This idea is the key to open the door of this rare musical work.

Antonia Funes, David Díaz and Víctor Sequí plays in his multiinstrumental mode with the suggestive inclusion of Miguel Funes in piano and electric guitar in three tracks: 3,6 and 8. The trio expands his sonority in a mysterious orchestration and needs to use a more pseudo-conventional language (compulsory places) to connect…

Please… ¡ Hate or Love to this record !


Audio Files 320Kbps MP3
01 - Invitación 2.21 MB
02 - La esquina de una fiesta 23 MB
03 - En casa del Dr. Claverol 15 MB
04 - Gnocci con pulpo 1.91 MB
05 - En el museo antropológico 15 MB
06 - No son ellos, somos nosotros 14 MB
07 - En la Playa del Cotillo 3.74 MB
08 - La geometría del amor 20 MB

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0



Bruno Morello and Shayna Dulberger

The Foundry 05-20-2006 (May 20, 2006)
Bruno Morelloâs debut at New York Carnegie Weill Recital Hall along with the guitar duo âDrops and Silenceâ, was positively received by the critics: ââ¦..a marvelous performance of improvisational jazz by Sicilian duo guitarists Paolo Battaglia and Maurizio Morello, who were joined by alto saxophonist Bruno Morello.â Jeffry James, 4tay Records. Mr. Morello performed at Carnegie Hall as a recipient of the Ibla Foundation special mention at the 2003 Ibla Grand Prize. As a member of the Cattano â Moncada band Bruno Morello is currently performing alto and tenor saxophones repertoire in an extensive concert tour of Sicily. He studied music improvvisations and interactions with such musician as the pianist Giorgio Occhipinti for 2 years, and he also often contributes with the theatre projects such as the Giampaolo Romania theatre company where the music interact with the actors. He studied saxophone with Carlo Cattano, and piano with Rosa Leggio Cannizzaro. Shayna Dulberger plays acoustic bass with many people in the NYC free-jazz/improv scene and curates music at Spoken Word Cafe, a weekly Thursday improvisation series in Brooklyn.

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01 Foundry Performance #1- 5-20-2006 37 MB 21 MB 15 MB

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States