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Impro Protz I                    6.98 MB                 3.93 MB
Impro Protz II 11 MB 6.04 MB
Improll.mp3 9.43 MB 5.14 MB
ImprollI.mp3 13 MB 5.14 MB

Cello- Hui-Chun Lin
Piano- Dimitrij Golovanov 
Drums- Beat Freisen  

I m p r o v i s a t i o n
Hui-Chun Lin, is a Solo cellist. She works with improvi- 
sation, theatrical music, world music, and contemporary 
music interpretation. Born in 1979 in Taiwan, she plays vio- 
loncello, on which she received a classical education. Sin- 
ce 2006, she ï¬nished her study in Leipzig, Germany, she 
lives also in the same city as a cello player and an artist. 
Her artistic versatility appears in the co-operation in nume- 
rous projects with theatre, dance performance, contempor- 
ary and classical music and also world music. She also had 
appearances with different music festivals, like: the Leipzig 
Jazz Festival 2007 with Beat Freisens Spelunkenorchester. 
After her postgraduate study in improvisation, she received 
a teaching assignment for improvisation in the university for 
music and theatre in Leipzig. 
Youtube: leipzigcello 28.September 2009 
Hui-Chun Lin 
I m p r o v i s a t i o n 

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