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After Infinity III - a tribute to Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (November 5, 2006)

After Infinity Sessions Go on :
Read text of After Infinity 1 to learn more about the origin of this project.
After Infinity 1

After Infinity 2 was in mars 2006. Great session ! But many titles used sampled stuff - that we don't have the clearance of...

Here's now After Infinity III... deeper in the improvisation, wider in direction... and definitively more contemporary... It was in november the 5th, 2006.

Audio FilesStream 128Kbps MP3 Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3
After Illyes III 4.34 MB 3.77 MB 2.17 MB
After Taro IIIa 5.97 MB 5.04 MB 2.99 MB
After Xavier IIIa 5.15 MB 4.36 MB 2.58 MB
After Luc III 3.01 MB 2.64 MB 1.51 MB
After Estelle III 3.35 MB 2.85 MB 1.68 MB
After Taro IIIb 6.26 MB 5.27 MB 3.13 MB
After Thierry III 5.63 MB 5.13 MB 2.81 MB
After Jesus III 5.72 MB 4.67 MB 2.86 MB
After Xavier IIIb 3.56 MB 2.98 MB 1.78 MB
After Taro IIIc 4.72 MB 3.81 MB 2.36 M

Inspiration :
The main idea is directly inspired by what Kahil El Zabar did in the workshops : as a performer, composer, arranger and conductor, he improvised with the orchestra as if it was his instrument... From nowhere, he created impressive and great moments of music...

The After Infinity recording session :
- Each musician of the orchestra will conduct his piece.
- He/she comes with a musical idea (any genre).

The After Infinity rule is 5 mn / 5 mn :
The improvising conductor has :
- 5 minutes to present & share his/her musical wills.
- And then, 5 minutes to conduct to make the tune alive.

The one and only performance is directly printed !

Taro Ochiai

Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs


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