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Stretch Pants, Unbound Dilemma, by New Loft

"Stretch Pants", improvisation by New Loft, 2008-01-09. (ca. 28:00) Jimmy Ghaphery: tenor sax. Tim Harding: bass, percussion. Sam Byrd: drums, percussion.
New Loft is a free improv/free jazz group based in Richmond, Virginia.
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new_loft_stretch_pants_20080109 149 MB 23 MB 13 MB 35 MB

"Unbound Dilemma", improvisation by New Loft, 2008-03-05. (ca. 31:00) Jimmy Ghaphery: alto sax. Tim Harding: guitar, alto sax. Sam Byrd: drums, percussion, toys, bells, chains.

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new_loft_unbound_dilemma_20080305 162 MB 26 MB 14 MB 40 MB

This audio is part of the collection:
Open Source Audio
Artist/Composer: New Loft
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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